Welcome to Green Dream Earth

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Green Dream Earth is a non-profit organization working to encompass students teachers and common peoples in building the Greener generation of  Confident Leaders, entrepreneurs, social workers and of Green Dreamers by engaging them in different educational, environmental and cultural activities.

If you are a member of any institution / organisation                  

 Then we from our deep heart appreciates your great job for we all. Write us if you wish to organise by us any type of educational, social or Environmental event at your place. You can also support us by providing opportunities, Resources or Funding. We will be glad to hear your responses, Suggestions or any Idea if you have.

Contact us!

If you are a concerned Human                         

We are working for you and will be glad to have your support. You can be judge of one of our event, can Donate us, can be a Speaker at one of our events. 

contact us!

If you are a student 

Write us!